knockdown ceilings

ceiling corner

Now there’s a word I didn’t know a month ago: knockdown. We wanted a modern ceiling, not that 60’s popcorn or the cracked and impossible-to-repair flat plaster ceiling in our 80+ year old house. We do like the look of a flat ceiling, but we were advised that they take much longer to prepare, and again, if there are any imperfections, they would be amplified (as with our current house). Apparently, knockdown is the current way to go, and that’s how we’ve gone.

ceiling at bulkhead

So, what is knockdown? There are some definitions online, but the best explanation we got was that it is spray-on mud compound, not unlike the old popcorn spray, that is then “knocked down” with a trowel. The first and second floor ceilings are all done this way, with the exception of the kitchen are, which has a lowered ceiling and has been finished as a smooth surface and will be painted.

The basement ceiling is another story completely, which I will save for another day.



5 responses to “knockdown ceilings

  1. How high is that ceiling at the corner?

  2. I will definitely be bookmarking your blog! My hubby is really interested in this stuff, but doesn’t have the time to look into it right now. When he does, I’ll direct him here!

  3. Mike–how high? hmm. high. I guess you will just have to come and visit, bringing your tape measure.

    Bel–thanks! Be sure to check our links, too. There are a few houses in Edm that are at net zero. . . and ours is just “approaching” it. When we win the lottery, we’ll check out solar panels. . . .

  4. This isn’t a new idea, though the technique seems to be. In Britain, all Gyproc (drywall) walls are skimmed with finishing plaster to a thickness of about 1/4″.
    This produces the same effect as traditional plaster with a fraction of the work.
    Finishing (Thistle) plaster is almost pure plaster-of-Paris and is hard to use because it dries so fast. I use mud for the same purpose but float on several layers by hand. I imagine spraying it on makes an AWFUL mess….

    • Interesting how the brits have figured out plaster-foolery! I do love the plaster look, but wow. At this point, I’m ready for some finishing of the finishing. You’re right, there is some mess. There is still cleaning-up going on this week, and hopefully, we’ll get to painting by the end of the week (and by “we,” I still mean, “our people.”)

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