These are some of the windows that I think will need window coverings, in particular to keep the heat in in the winter and the heat out in the summer. The large south-facing windows (and to a lesser degree, the east-facing ones) will be contributing greatly to heating the house during the day, but we’d like to prevent them from heating the outdoors at night. The Mill Creek Net Zero house project looked into window coverings a bit. . . I’m wondering if the Hunter Douglas product might be a good one for us too.

The upstairs north- and northeast-facing corner windows (just behind the balcony in the first picture) are from the bedroom. Here, we would like something that can block the early-morning June 21st 4am sun, obscure the view from the outside in, and maybe also allow us to see out when pulled. A dream? Maybe. Isn’t there some kind of magic fabric that will do all this? While still having an insulating factor of more than R2? Just asking. . . .



3 responses to “windows

  1. Things are really coming together nicely! At some point we are going to have to take a road trip.

    • yes! We love visitors. Of course, the new guest room is a little “spare” at the moment. . . with a giant mitre-saw contraption in the middle of it. . . but we could work something out! (We’ll let you know when we’re in!)

  2. What brand of windows did you go with? Are they aluminum?

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