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concrete counters and steps

Kitchen counter and step-pan concrete has been poured. They both turned out very nicely–no cracks (hurray!) and smooth finishes throughout. We opted for no tinting in order to keep the raw look of the concrete itself. After much deliberation, we also decided to go for the epoxy finish on the countertops, knowing that it would be slightly shiny. After the first round of epoxy had dried, though, the surface was sanded, and I really like that texture and look much better. There will be another application of epoxy, and we may still buff that final application slightly. From what we have heard, shininess will also reduce over time. And, I think that once we have the lower cabinet doors up, the overall look will be more integrated, even if the counters remain somewhat glossy.

The steps look and feel great. They, too, will be treated with a top coat, but in a more “flat” finish. We are considering adding some grit to the basement steps in an effort to prevent slips while hauling wood down with our boots on (is it easier to prepare for the inevitability, or change the practice? We think: prepare.)

In the chicken pitcher picture (say this ten times quickly! tongue-testing-twisters at the boreal modern!), you’ll see a potential backsplash that we’re trying out. It’s the same 12×24 charcoal-coloured tiles that we have used throughout the house now, in the bathrooms, entryways, and beneath the stoves. On the far left is this tile, cut to 6×24; on the near left, it’s 4×24. We may use one of these sizes and also integrate some of the 1×1 red tiles into the kitchen backsplash.
. . . thoughts?


paint and pot lights

We have some of both.

About a month ago, we auditioned a painter.* He seemed really good, and keen, and asked all the right questions, and had a lot of experience, and came highly recommended, and. . . he ditched us. There wasn’t much of a conversation about it, but we’re not working together. So our general contractor pulled through again. We knew he would do a meticulous job, so here we are: he is at least three-quarters through the house, with the first and second floors now complete and just the interior walls of the basement left to do.

*Doesn’t that sound like more fun than, say, “meeting a contractor”?

We are using Benjamin Moore Aura paint. We tried it in our current house, and really liked it. It has great coverage, has low VOCs, and the colours come through as quite vibrant.

CC110 muslin/zen. This is our main colour throughout. It’s a kind of beige-ish cream-ish white-ish neutral, with pink-ish undertones in some light and yellow-ish undertones in others. Like a muslin zen. We really like it.
CC100 flurry/chanvre. Ceiling in the kitchen (all other ceilings are knock-down, so have not been painted). This is a white-ish white and looks far more like snow than hemp (okay, I had to look up “chanvre”).
C92 autumn leaf. This is on random walls: one in the kitchen, one in the living room, and a patch of wall up from the first-to-second-floor stairs.
2134 whale grey. Two walls in treehouse room.
HC51 audobon russet/ myrtille. This is an extra colour that we had in our palette, but have not yet used. Again–it looks much more russet-y than blueberry-ish. I would wonder what part of the “myrtille” was that shade of brown, and definitely not add it to my pies. We are considering a good spot for this colour, and until we find it, it will stay in the “ideas” file.

Pot lights
They are in. We went with black baffles and white “flanges” in both the kitchen and the living room. It’s a guess as to whether that’s best. An educated guess, but a guess nonetheless. We’ll tell you in a year or so, whether we have made the right decision.

the kitchen sink

Okay, it’s a little early to get going on the kitchen sink, but I’ve had my eye on one for several months now. And last night, I was longing again. See, I was making my famous* granola on big cookie sheets.

best granola ever

best granola ever

And once the honey-coated granola is scraped off of the pans, it leaves stuck-on leftovers. And how can you get them off when your kitchen sink is half the size of the pan?
If I had the new sink, I could drop the pans right in and soak them. Ahh.

* okay, it’s famous in a limited circle. And it’s not really my recipe, but a variation on the truly famous Hollyhock granola.